Customer name: Electra – Sauter

Campaign name: Promotion of Sauter’s mixers for Hanukkah using influencers


How did we manage it:

Can anyone imagine the Hanukkah holiday without doughnuts  and latkes? We can’t! In addition, getting perfect cooking results requires a professional mixer. In order to raise awareness to Sauter’s mixers we co-operated with bloggers and content makers in the culinary space before Hanukkah.

To present a wide variety of use cases and maximize  the exposure among the audience of bakers, we created a mix of baking and cooking influencers. Some specialize in home cooking, some were well known bloggers and some were leading culinary experts. The wide range of influencers combined with the precise timing when  most people are looking for relevant holiday recipes – lead to a mass organic reach which received many shares among leading groups and pages.

All campaign participants were asked to create their own holiday recipe using Sauter’s mixer and share the content on their own digital assets. The campaign gained remarkable results – 1 Million exposures, 448,659 interactions, 2,033 shares across facebook alongside 63,127 visits to the blogger’s recipes.

The recipes were shared organically in communities, groups and pages. Among them a leading news outlet, “nrg”. Therefor gaining thousands of likes, comments and a wide exposure which was far better than we have expected. Whilst Sauter’s mixer was at the heart of all content interacted with.