Customer name: yolo – Tnuva

Campaign name: The launch of Yolo’s white product series

How did we manage it:

In January 2018 Tnuva launched the new white edition of Yolo in 2 falvors (patisserie cream and raspberry, white & milk chocolate salty caramel). Our idea for the campaign was to awaken the great desire to white chocolate that resides in each of us, in an extensive 360 campaign in social media.

The campaign base was food appealing content that portrays and compliments the Yolo brand. And included a 3d animation video with bold looks that was very distinctive in the newsfeed. In a wise decision we choose to team with the largest sweets and chocolate related facebook page “Sweet Statuses” and have them upload the video first. It achieved organic exposure of 184,000 views, 2,600 likes and 7,000 comments – without any media promotion. Afterwards the video was also uploaded to Yolo’s facebook page.


The campaign also included: a challenge to the audience to pass over the video to their friends who also like white chocolate, A variety of content on different social media  streams (Facebook, Instagram, Stories) and a content creation influencers that uploaded their photo version of the new flavors to Instagram.

This 3d animation video portrayed an imaginary world that is all made of chocolate and had phenomenal success on Yolo’s facebook page. Reaching 4 Million exposures, 1 Million views, 8,500 likes, 975 shares and 649 comments which 90% of them were positive.

The branded content also reached great success and brought over half a million exposures and 282,000 views to posts the revealed the new product series.

In addition we cooperated with 20 content creation influencers in the field of culinary and lifestyle which created and uploaded to their Instagram accounts photos that communicate the product.

I’m Telling You… My Life Is Not Gonna Be The Same Again… Since I Tasted That White Chocolate… I See Life Brighter!😜😋👌🏻❤ #yolo_white @yolo_chocolate

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All posts were tagged under #yolo_white and were also shared by Yolo’s Instagram.

These posts reached 599,000 exposures and 11,800 interactions.

Nothing like some white chocolate during work😍 #YOLO_WHITE @yolo_chocolate

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