Customer name: Yoplait

Campaign: The new series – Yoplait “Fruit on top”

How did we manage it:

Fruits are such beautiful and colorful. This is why we searched for something unique to grab the attention. As part of our endless wandering on the web, we noticed spectacular makeup videos, in which makeup artists do their own makeups, and then came the idea – Yoplait make up video.

Together with Ilana Kolihanov, the extremely talented makeup artist, we produced this overwhelming viral video uploaded to Yoplait Facebook page. It took us 4 day over night shooting days, as we shot Ilana doing her own makeup – she turned into Kiwi, Strawberry and passion fruit (the different product flavors) and she was also doing her own makeup for the new brand flavors. The video was shared in many makeup groups, received amazing audience reactions and also reached makeup institutions in Europe and the United states, which shared it themselves. This was indeed, “Fruit on top”.

Another thing we did for this campaign, Yoplait took over a stall in “Hacarmel market” in Tel Aviv and turned it over to a Yoplait stall. We took the opportunity and produced a one hour live facebook broadcast from the stall with the stand-up comedian Amiram Tovim (has 62,000 followers in Facebook), in which he was performing tasting tests, imitations and entertained the public while handing out product packages.

In addition, we did not neglect Instagram which keeps growing in Israel. And used it to show the beauty of the fruit world relating the new series of products. We received stunning product photos from 15 content creators on Instagram of many styles. In which the product was always in the center and fruits were the whole world around it: From Yoplait hot-air balloon to the “passion fruit tree”. In addition, These photos were uploaded to Facebook as well.

מתרעננת עם קצת פרשיות על הבוקר שמחה ונרגשת להיות חלק מפרוייקט האומנותי של יופלה #yoplait_fruit_on_top #יופלה #storyofmytable

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So this is where kiwis grow? #יופלה #yoplait_fruit_on_top 💚

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Yoplait makeup video:

1,100,000 video views





Amiram Tovim live from “Hacarmel market”:

385,138 video views





Instagram content creators activity:

13,000 Interactions