Customer name: Wissotzky

Campaign: Green Wissotzky (2016)

How did we manage it:

“Exchange one cup of coffee a day with Green Wissotzky” – This was the main message of Wissotzky campaign for variety of flavors in its green tea series. As part of the campaign, which included an illustration of the letter “W” on the participators faces in the commercial headed by the actress Ania Bukstein, we lead a WOM campaign talking about the small change everybody can do in his life according to the campaign message.

In order to generate virality, we collected tens of influencers and celebs on Facebook and Instagram, who uploaded their photos with the letter “W” on their face with the message: “I also exchange one cup of coffee a day with green Wissotzky”. We shared these photos along with additional content on Wissotzky Facebook page. Due to this move many users uploaded photos by themselves with “W” on their faces and also applied to Wissotzky Facbook page asking us to create dedicated photos for them.


Due to users high enthusiasm, we created users activity in which we offered them to send us their photos and in exchange we will design a photo with a “W” letter on their face. We received hundreds of requests, our studio worked additional hours and as a result 500 users uploaded the social media with their photos with the Wissotzky campaign message.

In addition, on this user activity we asked them to tell us about the change they made in their lives – whether it is a small or big change. We received more than 300 thrilling stories and handed out to them green wissotzky packages.

In the end of this great campaign, we launched our shining Instagram page, which today has 10,715 followers.


The influencers campaign led to 55,000 interactions and it reached more than 1,200,000 people.

Wissotzky Instagram page gathered 2,000 followers at the end of the campaign

More than 500 users shared their photos with the letter “W” on their face.

Wissotzky Facebook page.

Wissotzky Instagram page.