Customer name: Strauss water – Tami 4

Campaign name: Summer campaign

How did we manage it:

The undisputed childrens biggest star, “Little Michal”, joined “Thirsty Sigal” (the campaign presenter lookalike) – and they both became thirsty. We tried to think how to get children to drink more water, and assumed that everyone (including grownups) likes to be treated personally and that is how we reached this personal videos project with Little Michal.

We produced 430 personal videos from Little Michal (by name) while encouraging children to drink more water. During this photoshoot we heard the following sentence over and over again: “Hello my little charm, how is that I keep dancing and jumping? This is because I always drink water…”

We uploded these hundreds of videos to Tami 4’s YouTube channel, and built a dedicated minisite, in which you can download a video with your name and share it on Facebook or also WhatsApp. We communicated this on Tami 4’s Facebook page and also in Little Michal’s Facebook page.

Before the campaign went on air, we noticed very high traffic in the established minisite. Which increased after the campaign went on air. The videos became extremely popular in parents WhatsApp groups, kindergartens, families and even grownups who enjoyed listening and sharing.

The user’s enthusiasm was extremely high. We received more than 300 requests to get videos with additional names (wish we could record all possible names) and also received many thank you messages from parents telling us the video does make their children drink more water – which is amazing.

A WhatsApp conversation:

“The kid has watched this Tami 4 video more than 80 times and is excited each time! The kid fell in love with Little Michal”

“This is awesome! And does he want to drink more water?”

“Yes, all day long”

Due to many users’ requests, we decided to shot another day. Together with Little Michal, we produced 200 more videos with requested names by many users.

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In addition, we decided to provide the parents with more practical tips making their children drink more water. We produced along with Michal 5 short videos, in which she provides parents with different tips – from decorating glasses of water to adding healthy and colorful fruit into the child glass. The videos were promoted in Strauss water Facebook page and in the digital assets of Little Michal, and were also uploaded as an article in Strauss water Blog.


100,000 name search

20,000 WhatsApp shares


3,000 Facebook shares

300,000 Video tips watch

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